0.1mm0.2mm 0,4mm Silver Nails Glitter Mixed Powder Sequins for Nail Art Decoration Ultra-Fine Flash Powder Paillette Sparkles
0.1mm0.2mm 0,4mm Silver Nails Glitter Mixed Powder Sequins for Nail Art Decoration Ultra-Fine Flash Powder Paillette Sparkles
0.1mm0.2mm 0,4mm Silver Nails Glitter Mixed Powder Sequins for Nail Art Decoration Ultra-Fine Flash Powder Paillette Sparkles
0.1mm0.2mm 0,4mm Silver Nails Glitter Mixed Powder Sequins for Nail Art Decoration Ultra-Fine Flash Powder Paillette Sparkles

0.1mm0.2mm 0,4mm Silver Nails Glitter Mixed Powder Sequins for Nail Art Decoration Ultra-Fine Flash Powder Paillette Sparkles

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Brand Name: MingLee

Origin: Mainland China

Number of Pieces: COMBO

NET WT: 5-7g

Material: silver glitter

Model Number: LS34

Quantity: 35454


name: nail glitter powder

style: pure silver glitter

shinning: shinning nail art

pack: 10ml

designs: "Silver" Sparkle Glitter Powder Dust Mix Pot Tips Nail Decoration

size of glitter: GlitterWarehouse Fine .5 styles Metallic Pure Silver

packaging of items: 10ml Glitter

items colors glitter: pure silver glitter

functions: Nail Glitter Powder For Nail art diy

Nail Art 11: shimmer dust chrome pigment

Nail Art 10: Silver Gold Color for Nail Powder

Nail Art 09: Holographic Chunky Glitter

Nail Art08: Holographic Laser Chunky Glitter

Nail ARt07: Chunky Fine with Extra Fine Glitter

Nail Art06: Nail art glitter Sequins

Nail Art05: Glitter Flakes

Nail Art02: Glitter all for Manicure DIY accessoris

Nail art:: Nail Glitter

Nail Salon Supplies6: Easy Cleaning, Waterproof GLITTER

Nail Salon Supplies5: Nail powder

Nail Salon Supplies4: Glitter Powder

Nail Salon Supplies2: ,Glitter, Holographic, Metallic ,Shimmer, Shiny

Nail Salon Supplies01: Iridescent, Glitter, Shiny, French

Nail Salon Supplies:: Nail Glitter

glitter styles07: nail glitter sequins

glitter styles06: holographic nail glitter flakes

glitter05: mermaid holographic glitter

glitter 04: holographic glitter bulk

glitter style03: holographic nail glitter powder

glitter styles 02: nail holographic glitter powder

glitter style01: chunky holographic glitter

glitter styles: holographic ab nail glitter flakes

theme06: nail art designs glitter

theme05: nail glitter flakes

theme04: nail art glitter powder

Theme03: holographic glitter

Theme02: holographic glitter powder

Theme01: holographic acrylic nails

glitter14: Bulk glitter

glitter13: wholesale glitter by the pound

glitter12: iridescent glitter bulk

glitter11: wholesale glitter bulk

glitter10: Nail Art Decorations

glitter9: Holographic Powder

glitter8: holo glitter

glitter7: holographic nail powder

glitter6: holographic glitter nail

glitter5: holo glitter

Glitter4: glitter nails

Glitter3: Holographic Nail Glitter

Glitter2: Powder Glitter For Nail Art

Glitter1: Rainbow Pigment Glitter

feature for 02: Glitter Nails

Suitable to: apply on UV gel nails, acrylic nails, natural nails,

feature for01: Chunky Mixed Festival Glitter

Effect07: nail glitter bulk

Effect06: nail glitter sequins

Effect05: nail glitter flake

Effect04: nail glitter bundle

Effect03: nail glitter shapes

Effect02: glitter nail

Effect 01:: dipping powder

glitter type05: holographic nail glitter powder

glitter type03: use nail glitter

glitter type02: nail glitter flakes

glittre type: nail glitter powder

item types10: nail glitter flakes

item types09: nail glitter powder

item types08: glitter bulk

item types05: glitter nails short

item types06: nail glitter flakes

item types 04: glitter nail polish

item types03: chunky nail glitter

item types02: chunky nail art glitter

Item types01:: nail art glitter

MPN:: Acrylic Glitter

Suitable For 1 :: Nail Art, Nail Tips

Product Type1:: Glitter

colorsful: Metallic Pure Silver

How to use: 1.Prepare your nails with UV BASE COAT and cure it under UV/LED lamp. 2.Apply UV COLOR GEL.(DO NOT CURE) 3.Pour the pigment onto the nails. 4.Cure it under UV/LED lamp. 5.Seal it with UV TOP COAT and cure it under UV/LED lamp. *Pigment can also be used without LED lamp, it will just take a little longer to dry*
Feature: 100% brand new and high quality Nail decoration Easy to apply on natural or artificial nails Instructions: 1.Prepare your nails with gel base color. 2.Apply this pigments powder onto your nails when the gel base is still tacky. 3.Clean the surface and seal with UV top coat.


Nail Glitter


10ml Glitter Fine 0.1/ Metallic Pure Silver Loose Cosmetic Glitter Powder for Festival Beauty Makeup Face Body Hair Nails

Nail Art Party "Silver" Sparkle Glitter Powder Dust Mix Pot Tips Nail Decoration

Beautiful Nail Art Craft


 you will receive 1 pot 

10 gram/10 ml in total including glitter

Fine Silver Glitter Powder Dust (Not Mirror)

Available in multiple sizes:: 0.1mm/0.2mm/0.4mm/0.6mm/1mm 

Our glitter is PET solvent resistant glitter. Although we have tested this glitter solvency, we always recommend that you test a small sample in your solution. As we cannot, test every solution available. 

The pot is approximately 2.5cm x 2.8 cm in size (As shown in picture.)

10ml/10g Silver Shimmer Nail Glitter.
Fine mix of powder to create a gorgeous nail design.
bulk holographic glitter powder 1.High-tempreture resistant 2.Solvent resistant 3.Multi shape, color and size 4.Glitter with changing color 5.Fast delivery Description 1. Solvent resistant,High temp resistance (PET:190°c,PVC:70°c) 2. Anti-water & acid,Non distortion,not easy fade 3. Eco-friendly material,no harm to human & animals 4. glitter,enhance the visual effect,make a shiny & colorful effect 5. Multi shape,such as square,hexagon,star,moon,heart ect 6. We are manufacturer,direct offer 1.Mixed different color, shape and size 2.More than 200 colors 3.Free Sample 4.High temperature resistant, solvent resistant, non-toxic 5.SGS, MSDS, ISO9001, ISO14001
Product Name: Bulk Holographic Mermaid Chunky Loose Glitter for Nail Art Decoration New bulk mixed Laser polyester chunky glitters for Cosmetic, Nail Beauty Material: PET, PVC, Aluminum, pure silver etc. Particle Size : 1/4”(6.0mm),1/6"(5.0mm),1/8”(3.0mm), 1/10”(2.5mm), 1/12”(2.0mm), 1/16”(1.5mm), 1/24”(1.0mm), 1/32”(0.8mm), 1/40”(0.6mm), 1/64”(0.4mm), 1/96(0.3mm), 1/128”(0.2mm), 1/170”(0.15mm), 1/256”(0.1mm), 1/360”(0.08mm), 1/500”(0.05mm)Moisturizing Hydra,Firming,Nourishing Feature: 1.Bright color, 2,High temperature&Solvent resistance and acid-alkaline resistant 3,Multi shape, color,size 4,Eco-friendly material Application: Widely used for Christmas Crafts,paper printing Jewelry,Cosmetics,Screen printing,paint chemicals,glass,fabric,leather,etc.
NOTE: For different monitors, the color may vary slightly. Besides, please allow some errors of manual measurement, thank you for your understanding! Please check the measurement chart carefully before you buy the item. Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Thank you!
Descrition: These fabulous cosmetic grade glitters are perfect for everything from DIY crafting ventures to nail and face applications. Glitter, let your imagination run wild! Multi-functions: Used it as cosmetic glitter for Mardi Gras festivities. Used it for slime or a hard gel manicure. Used it for sorority recruitment. Used it to make fun ice cubes for a party. Perfect for eye shadow tutorials. Perfect for face glitter makeup, hair, boday or nail art. Used to make card, cell phone's case and other art, craft project. Used to wear as glitter makeup for a fancy Galactic party, Halloween Party, Coachella, mermaid themed party etc. Gift for resin artist. Perfect gifts for every rave girl who loves to sparkle. How to use: Using UV Gel Nail Polish 1.Apply a base coat, and cure it for 30 seconds under an LED manicure lamp. 2.Apply no wipe top coat of UV-gel polish, then cure it for 30 seconds. 3.Put a sheet of fold paper underneath you nail. 4.Use a sponge eyeshadow applicator to tap on the glitter 5.Use the applicator to gently buff the glitter into your nail. 6.Use the fold of the paper to pour the excess glitter back in the jar. 7. Apply a no-wipe top coat, and cure it for 30 seconds.
Iridescent Glitter Flake Iridescent Flake is a beautiful iridescent flake that color shifts shades of AB rainbow colors! These gorgeous and versatile iridescent flakes can be used with polish or gel. This flake goes perfectly with our bestselling glitters. When applied over white or a light base color, the flake shifts between pink, purple, and blue with a tint of gold and green shimmers. When applied over black or a dark color, the flake shifts between pink, gold, and green. Try it over different base colors for different looks; gloss topcoat it or matte topcoat it, the possibilities are endless! Instructions for polish: 1. Apply base coat and your choice of color, add the flakes on top while the polish is still sticky. 2. Seal with two layers of top coat. Instructions for gel: 1. Apply base coat and your choice of color. 2. Add flakes onto the tacky layer and seal with Daily Charme Diamond Shine No-Wipe Gel Top Coat. Recommended: You can alternatively apply our flakes the same way as chrome powder. 1. Apply base coat and your choice of color. 2. Apply a layer of our no wipe gel topcoat, or other brand non-wipe gel topcoat. 3. Use a makeup sponge or a silicone brush to buff a thin layer of pigment onto nail surface. 4. Brush off excess powders off the nail 5. Apply a layer of strengthening gel, or other brand builder/hard gel to prevent chipping (optional) 6. Seal with gel top coat.
Makes You Achieve A Super Shimmering Effect Just Like A Professional Makeup Artist! Shine like a star with our glamorous glitters! Make your party a hoot! Catch everybody's attention just like that. Mixed Size / Multi Colors / Ultra-thin Paillette - Material: Sequins - feature: Nail Glitter sequins/powder - Size of glitter: 0.2,0.4,0.6mm powder & 1mm & 2mm & 3mm mixed nail glitter Here are our top styling tips to sassing yourself with our gorgeous glitter: FACE: Add to cheekbones for reflective highlights EYES: Apply some under the eyes as glam glitter tears BODY: Dust onto collar bones and shoulders for an exquisite shimmering effect NAILS: Sprinkle onto wet polish for killer nails HAIR: Mix in with braids or sprinkle into a middle parting glitter for resin When to use ? Holidays: Adorn them for your significant other's birthday or your anniversar. Events: Halloween parties, music festivals, dance competitions, mardi gras, etc. Vacation: On the beach, by the pool, at the club or in the bedroom. Experiment and do things to your hair and face that you never dare do at home. After all, there is no such thing as too much glitter! body glitter How to apply ? You can use petroleum jelly based products like vaseline, which the glitter will stick to, but it won't dry, so the glitter is at risk of being smeared.As long as you're careful to not touch it after application you'll probably fine. You can also use glitter primers or eyelash glue, which dry completely. Someone used eyelash glue once, but it made her skin feel really tight after it dried. chunky glitter Nail Art Decoration Deco Usage 1. Choose the area you want to decorate. 2. Brush the glue to the area,place the flakes on to the glue. 3. Wait it dry, file it for better result.
nail polish nail art sequins, powder mixed glitter gold and silver paper foil nail art accessories sequin glitter stickers, used to decorate nails, facial makeup, hair and mobile phone cases, banquet cards, etc. FEATURES: Nail art accessories decorate your nails The meterial healthy and environmentally friendly Easy to use, IDY Individually packaged, easy to store Widely used, you can decorate any place you want to decorate Product Name: Nail Decals Keyword: fake nails_nail art_dried flowers_art supplies_nail decals_nail art stickers_nail art supplies_nail decorations_nail decorations_nail glitter_dried flowers for resin_nail accessories_nails supply_butterfly nail decals_nail rhinestones_art resin_nail gems_dried flowers nail art
Specification: Item name: Holographic Nail Glitter Type: Holographic Nail Glitter//Laser Sequins Quantity: 50g/bag Size: 0.2mm Colors: As Photo Feature: Brighter after washing/wiping Usage: Nail art decorations Use for: DIY/Salon manicure accessory Package Content: Holographic Nail Glitter NOTE: Do not apply stickers to sensitive skin. Not recommended for little children. Feature: 100% brand new and high quality. Nail decoration. Clean the surface of your nails, brush the base polish, and place it onto nails. You can also use them to decorate your home, cell phone's case, glasses, made card, body art, etc. Feature: Very thin Fine and easy to use. Be suitable for nail art decoration with nail polish, UV builder gel, acrylic, etc. Making your nails sparkling and adding shiny colors to your nails! Be suitable for home use or professional use.
Ideal for lovers for Nails, Makeup and DIY crafts Design This nail kit have different shaped and color. Multifunctional glitter nail sequins can be used on nails, eyes, face and any part of the body as body glitter to give you more sparkling effects. The holographic nail art accessories made of top-quality material, easy to apply. The holographic nails set will give so pretty effect, making your nails shining and attractive. Easy to apply on natural or artificial nails. suit for home use or professional. Beautiful, Cute, High quality, Portable and Endurable This is very popular, we believe you will love it very much Material:plastic Quantity:1 bag Item Type:Nail Glitter style:colorful glitter usage:cosmetic glitter for:glitter for craft name:nail glitter feature:holographic glitter powder item name:Fine Holographic glitter Product type:holographic glitter Glitter Available in:18 colors size:0.2 mm Nail Salon Supplies6:Easy Cleaning, Waterproof GLITTER Nail Salon Supplies5:Nail powder Nail Salon Supplies4:Glitter Powder Nail Salon Supplies2:,Glitter, Holographic, Metallic ,Shimmer, Shiny Nail Salon Supplies:03:Nails Mermaid Aurora Nail Salon Supplies01:Iridescent, Glitter, Shiny, French Nail Salon Supplies:Nail Glitter theme06:nail art designs glitter theme05:nail glitter flakes theme04:nail art glitter powder Theme03:holographic glitter Theme02:holographic glitter powder Theme01:holographic acrylic nails glitter14:Bulk glitter glitter12:iridescent glitter bulk glitter10:Nail Art Decorations glitter9:Holographic Powder glitter8:holo glitter glitter7:holographic nail powder glitter6:holographic glitter nail glitter5:holo glitter Glitter4:glitter nails Glitter3:Holographic Nail Glitter Glitter2:Powder Glitter For Nail Art Glitter1:Rainbow Pigment Glitter feature for 02:Glitter Nails Suitable to:apply on UV gel nails, acrylic nails, natural nails, feature for01:Chunky Mixed Festival Glitter Effect07:nail glitter bulk Effect06:nail glitter sequins Effect05:nail glitter flake Effect04:nail glitter bundle Effect03:nail glitter shapes Effect02:glitter nail Effect 01:dipping powder glitter type05:holographic nail glitter powder glitter type03:use nail glitter glitter type02:nail glitter flakes glitter type01:loose nail glitter glittre type:nail glitter powder item types11:nail glitter set item types10:nail glitter flakes item types09:nail glitter powder item types08:glitter bulk How to use for nail art: 1. Prepare your nails with UV BASE COAT and cure by UV/LED lamp. 2. Apply UV COLOR GEL.(DO NOT cure!) 3. Use tweezer to apply the sequins onto your nails, then Cure by UV/LED lamp. 4. Seal with a clear top coat, and cure by UV/LED lamp Can be used with Paper Crafts, Nail Art, Polymer Clay and all Crafts. Also great for any craft projects including Easter, Spring and Summer, Christmas, Halloween. Also a nice gift for your nail art-loving friends, regardless of whether they are aficionados with a knack for creating intricate designs or have zero artistic know-how. THERE ARE MANY VARIATIONS AND DIFFERENT COLOURS AVAILABLE HIGH-QUALITY GLITTER *PLEASE NOTE THAT PICTURES MAY VARY SLIGHTLY DUE TO HIGH QUALITY CAMERA USED TO TRY AND CAPTURE GLITTER* Perfect for use as nail glitter or body/eye glitter. The glitter has been thoroughly tested and is very safe for use around the eyes and face, and is perfect for glitter tattoos. The glitter comes in 60 unique colours; including highly opaque colours,metallic colours, iridescent colours, fluorescent colours and holographic colours. Holographic chunky glitters easy to apply on natural or artificial nails, High quality holographic chunky, fine mix glitter is absolutely stunning! varying sizes hexagon and glitter powder. Body glitter is made of high quality pigment and holographic shine flakes, safe to wear on the skin, nail and hair. How to use? They are great for glitter placement nail arts, clean the surface of your nails firstly, brush the base polish, then place it onto your nails, seal it with a clear topcoat. For make up, you need to use the eyelash glue or glitter primer to Adhesive to stick the flakes on your body. It can make you look more charming and fashion Perfect for Nail Art & Makeup For body art, nail art, nail design, wedding hairstyles, party hairstyles, fairy makeup, mermaid makeup, daily makeup. For DIY glitter nail polish, glitter gel, glitter eyeshadow, glitter lip gloss, highlighter etc. Endlessly perfect your beauty! Feature: 1.100% New Arrival Glitter Flakes For Nails 2.Nail decoration with Opal Aurora effect 3.Easy to apply on natural or artificial nails 4.You can also use them to decorate your home, cell phone's case, glasses, made card, body art, etc Iridescent Glitter Chameleon Nail Flakes Holographic Laser Colorful Nail Sequins For Sparkle Nail Glitter Irregular Tips THIS IS A SALE FOR ONE PACK OF HIGH QUALITY GLITTER AVAILABLE IN 16 COLOURS OF YOUR CHOICE! CAN BE USED FOR CRAFTS, WINE GLASS DECO, TATTOO, NAIL ART, UV GEL, SHELLAC NAILS, FLORISTRY AND MUCH MUCH MORE! Who can resist a flashy mani during the summer? And with the reset of fall and spring, it's the perfect time to get creative with textures, colors, and designs. Bottom line? Glitter is versatile, and everyone, no matter what their personal style or aesthetic, can make the shiny manicure work for them. Whether you prefer a full set of glitter nails or would rather have a glitter accent, there's an option for you to try. Ready to give it a go? We gathered 24 glitter nail design ideas that you can bring with you to your next salon appointment. There are also some DIY-friendly options for those with a steady hand. Scroll on for ultimate inspiration. NAIL ART GLITTER Add a little sparkle to everything you do! Sprinkle, mix, dip, or dab, Color Loose Glitter is the perfect accessory to any mani-pedi. Each contains Loose Glitter in various colors, shapes, and particle sizes. Iridescent Glass Glitter, Loose Glitter IRIDESCENT GLASS GLITTER, LOOSE GLITTER High Sparkle Glitter Holographic Glitter Polyester different Holographic Hexagon Glitter Holographic rose Gold Silver Black Mylar Pink Sparkles Nail Art glitter Acrylic Disco Glitter Powder Nail Glitter Powder Polyester Glitter Powder For Nail 1.Glitter powder is PET/PBT material, which is an environmentally safe, non-toxic product. 2.Over 200 colors for you to choose from, a variety of specifications and a variety of different shapes. 3.Glitter powder has a bright luster and is used in Christmas decorations, crafts, candles, cosmetics, paints, etc. bulk holographic glitter powder 1.Bright colors 2,High temperature&Solvent resistance and acid-alkaline resistant 3,Multi shape, color,size 4,Eco-friendly material5.Stable colors 1. More than 40 shapes and 200 sizes 2. Global MSDS,SGS, ISO14001, ISO9001 3. The manufacturer, offer punctuality of delivery, high quality of goods, and the low price. 4. OEM are welcomed Glitter sized :1/8"(3mm), 1/10"(2.5mm), 1/12"(2mm), 1/16"(1.6mm), 1/20"(1.3mm), 1/24"(1mm), 1/32"(0.8mm), 1/40"(0.6mm), 1/64"(0.4mm), 1/96"(0.3mm), 1/128"(0.2mm), 1/256"(0.1mm), 1/350"(0.07mm), 1/500"(0.05mm)